Supervised Weight Loss Program

"You must make a Choice to take a Chance, or your life will never Change."


Initial Visit

60 minutes - Offered by Dr.Galina


Follow-up visits

30 minutes - Offered by Dr.Galina


Many people fail to get the body they want despite drastically changing their exercise routine and eating habits. Roller coaster or crash dieting is sometimes successful in helping people lose weight, but with the fat loss also comes a loss of lean muscle. Lean muscle mass loss slows down metabolism. Most of the time, the weight will come back and often in higher amounts.

The Weight Loss Program at Beta Wellness is so much more than a typical weight loss diet. The program works on this basic principle: it triggers the body to break down fat cells and burn it off as energy. Originally this weight loss program was developed by British endocrinologist Dr. Simeons in the early 1950’s.

The number of days you stay on the diet depends on your weight loss goal. The suggested length of time is usually 6 weeks. During your initial assessment, your physician will review your medical history, current health issues, test results, current supplements, and medication to determine the specific modifications that might be required to successfully complete the program.

It is common for participants to experience mild hunger during the first few days. However, this will pass and by the second week, they will find that even very tiny food servings are completely satisfying. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely due to the number of calories circulating in the system from fat being released. It is common for participants to feel as though they are stuffing themselves in order to reach that 500-calorie limit. The most important part of the program is coaching our patients how to come out of the very low caloric food intake gradually, so they do not regain their weight.

Once you successfully complete the diet, you are at the beginning of a change of life in the way you eat. To stay successful in keeping the weight off, you must control your food portions and stay away from those foods and eating habits that in the past sabotaged your weight loss efforts.

Typical Results:

Average weight loss for one cycle is 15-30 lbs.; this is typical! Individuals tend to lose more weight in the first 2-4 weeks of this program. Some individuals lose 10-12 lbs. in the first week. The average weight loss is 3-5 pounds per week. Once the target weight is achieved, monitoring is done to ensure stabilization of weight.

The Weight Loss Program is best suited for people who need to lose a substantial amount of weight and are prepared to make drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle.

This program is not recommended for:

  • Pregnant women or women trying to conceive.
  • Breast-feeding mothers.
  • Individuals with current or past medical conditions that prohibit the safe use of this program (e.g., cancer, hyperthyroidism, pituitary/adrenal tumor, seizures, acute chest pains, Diabetes type I.

Benefits of the program:

  • Individualized Medical supervision.
  • Weekly visits to assess progress and troubleshoot individual issues.
  • BIA (body composition assessment) before, during and after the program.
  • Daily injections prepared and provided.
  • Potential to claim on extended medical.
  • Supportive materials required for completion of program.
  • Supplement suggestions individualized to current health concerns.

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