Facial Rejuvenation with CGF

Facial Rejuvenation with Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) is a third generation of the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. Activation of platelets with vitamin C, Calcium and Ozone Releases Growth Factors.


Once injected into the skin it causes numerous responses: new cell proliferation, migration of stem cells into the injection area, and production of extracellular matrix proteins, which allows collagen stimulation and helps to repair damaged tissue. The MORE the skin is damaged, the MORE dramatic the effect.

Another feature that makes this treatment so unique is the ability to use a plasma gel filler  from your own plasma. Combined with Growth Factors it increases the thickness of the skin and provides volume to areas where there has been a volume loss. This is a completely natural treatment. It can be done at all ages, on all skin types. The treatment is ideal for individuals looking for gradual, but noticeable improvement in skin texture, tone, and color with minimal downtime.

It gives you a fresh and healthier appearance without looking frozen or over-plumped, without aggressive surgery, chemicals, or toxins.

Like all cosmetic treatments, it requires a few treatments to achieve optimal results. Usually, we recommend three initial treatments once every two to three months. Maintenance CGF treatments can be done twice a year or as needed until desirable results are achieved.

Results vary from person to person, but in general, they last from 12-18 months.

Even though Facial Rejuvenation CGF is very effective in skin restoration, results are optimal when patients receive a combination of Facial Rejuvenation CGF with Scarlet RF micro needling or JetPeel Facials.

Usually, patients start to see improvements after 3-4 weeks. The skin feels more moisturized, smooth, and more even in tone and texture. Collagen takes three months to mature, therefore results continue to improve over time.

Noticeable results are seen usually around the three-month mark and will continue as new collagen production continues.

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