Hair Rejuvenation

Hair loss can happen to any of us at any time throughout our lives and it can have tremendous impact on our self-confidence. Both men and women can suffer from thinning hair and the causes may involve age, genetics, hormonal changes, or disease.


The hair rejuvenation process begins with building a nutritional foundation for the successful growth of new hair. This includes consuming a balanced blend of collagen and other proteins along with certain vitamins and other nutrients; the exact list of recommended nutrients and their sources will be identified by your doctor.

Next, the in-house treatment involves collecting your blood to harvest platelets and growth factors, which are then delivered to your scalp to repair and stimulate hair follicles. The delivery is achieved through scalp microneedling; the micro-injuries to your scalp trigger healing responses in deeper layers of the skin that attract stem cells and “wake up” dormant hair follicles into an active growth phase. After the procedure, hair begins to regrow in previously balding areas.

The results can be noticeable in a matter of just a few weeks. This is a natural way to rejuvenate the scalp and thicken your hair, using your own cells and biochemical agents, and it can be safely used in conjunction with other therapies to promote hair growth. Restore your confidence and book an appointment today!

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