Our Signature Nutraceuticals

As much as we all know that a balanced diet of whole foods is important for good health, it can still be difficult to achieve for too many of us with today’s plethora of tempting junk food options and misleading advice on what healthy eating is. Even for those who are properly educated and diligent in their nutrition, compromised absorption can be an unknown and insidious factor of suboptimal health. We believe in the power of carefully formulated nutritional supplements to bridge the gaps in our diets.

Beta Wellness' Professional Grade Custom Formulas


These professional-grade supplements usually contain much higher concentrations of active ingredients than over-the-counter formulations found at drugstores, which could be potentially harmful if used inappropriately. Therefore, they will only be dispensed under the thoughtful guidance of our naturopath physician. Professional formulations are required to follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards and are heavily regulated for safety and quality assurance.

Some of the supplements or herbal preparations can also defend your body from pathogens and toxins, especially when administered under qualified expert care.

We focus on obtaining the highest-quality ingredients and designing the most useful formulations to address the most common health concerns of our patients.