The Neo Elite by Aerolase is a truly innovative device that is touted worldwide by practitioners because of its ability to treat skin of all ages, tones and types.


As part of our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce the Aerolase Neo Elite laser to our patients, as it offers solutions to skin types and conditions of all backgrounds. With this exciting new technology, we can serve all members of Canada's diverse population and make healthy skin a reality for all.

The Neo Elite laser is able to safely treat all skin types and tones because its laser energy can pass through the epidermis so quickly that it does not have time to overheat the epidermal melanocytes, thus it doesn’t carry the pigmentary risk that most other laser systems do. With Neo Elite, not only is treatment safer and much more tolerable than any other laser on the market, but it is also more efficacious. The laser’s unique blend of high-powered yet gentle pulses allows it to deliver the most sought-after results in fewer sessions.

Regardless of your skin tone and type, you can look forward to a zero-downtime and zero-pain treatment experience with instantly noticeable results. It is not too good to be true—it is the real power of advanced laser technology! Let the Neo Elite take care of your skin and book an appointment today!