Poppi Sabhaney

Date Posted : January 12, 2022

For over a decade, Poppi has been in clinical practice and been the creator of several PTSD and mental health programs for the Canadian Armed Forces and several recovery homes, including the Neurotropic Stimulation Therapy (NTST) program for the Last Door Society and Westminster Recovery House.

R.AC – Registered Acupuncturist & NADA Specialist

Poppi offers a warm and collaborative approach to healing. He believes that no one should be suffering in pain or mental turmoil, and has created approaches to reduce or minimize daily physical, mental and emotional health.

He graduated from the Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the ITCMCV in 2008 and has been a practicing Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) with the his college, the CTCMA since then.

He continues to enhance his knowledge and acupuncture techniques and now offers these services to you, and looks forward to helping you with your physical and/or mental health needs.

One of the greatest feelings is to help a patient that has not been able to find relief from their symptoms.