Olga Prodan

Date Posted : January 9, 2022

My acquaintance with body-oriented psychotherapy did not start with a mainstream interest in psychology, as is very common nowadays. I realized an unbelievable connection between emotions and the Body from my own experience and my traumas a decade ago.

Somatic Psychologist, PSR

The Body remembers everything, as every story is contained in our muscle fibres, and each story is unique for me. I cherish this opportunity to assist others by building a unique and individual plan to wellness for everyone struggling with past trauma and pain. My main aim is to regain your health and restore the balance within You. Speaking sincerely, after ten years of practical experience of working with others, I still take wonder from every story and love every minute of our session during Body Oriented Psychotherapy approach.

Being an active practitioner of the Body Oriented Psychotherapy approach, I am also a researcher and have developed the theoretical part of the body-oriented approach in psychotherapy and philosophy, as I wholeheartedly #believeinbody. I hold an MA in philosophy with a background in Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and have mastered over 20 different massage techniques from different parts of the world.

I have conducted and facilitated many training sessions in body-oriented psychotherapy, different breathing techniques, and my main area of expertise is Developmental Disruption and Psychological Functions of Muscles from the perspective of Bodynamic International Institute. I believe that - Everything begins and ends within the Man, his sickness and his healing! And I have endless respect for it. And I hope to be a part of Your story and guide you on your journey to well-being.